1. curious ... what's real
01_curious_whats_real.mp3, 2.3 meg
coldplay, american beauty, ben kweller
2. open our eyes
02_open_our_eyes.mp3, 4.5 meg
plans -death cab for cutie, a.b.
3. it's not meant to be like this
03_not_meant_to_be_like_this.mp3, 5.8 meg
the walk -imogen heap, a.b.
4. jeremy spoke in class today
04_jeremy_spoke.mp3, 5.5 meg
jeremy -pearl jam (please watch the video!)
5. the power of example
05_power_of_example.mp3, 3.9 meg
hallelujah -martin sexton, a.b.
6. mercy in a big hard world
06_mercy_hard_world.mp3, 5.1 meg
hard sun -eddie vedder, a.b.
7. so alive / love all the pain away
07_so_alive_love_pain_away.mp3, 6.4 meg
third eye blind, kyau v. albert
8. breathe me
08_breathe_me.mp3, 6.0 meg
breathe me by sia (mylo remix)
9. beauty
09_beauty.mp3, 3.9 meg
audio, end of american beauty
10. i know there is so much more
10_so_much_more.mp3, 4.8 meg
brett dennen
11. naked
11_naked.mp3, 2.5 meg
alan, clumsy -our lady of peace, a.b.
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(20081222_december2008.zip, 49 megs)
so in past years it was basically a mix cd, with some alanpiano mixed in. this year it ended up being sort of a small play, sort of (ha), at least in my head... you can download the mp3s on the left.
there's random stuff at the end, including a link to the original pearl jam jeremy video (watch the jeremy video) that played on MTV in 1992, which i think is an amazing video, and i just really like that they did it, and how they did it. also some american beauty screen captures and dialogue, somehow, in my weird emotional little head, this all goes together. :)
december 2008
forgive us god, for we have received mercy and compassion from you, yet we remain unwilling to become involved in the pains and problems we see all around us.
restore us in our christian responsibility as agents of reconciliation, and ambassadors of christ.
[ it is estimated that as many as 2/3 of sexual minority youth
attempt suicide and that 30-40% of all teenage suicides
are accounted for by sexual minority youth ]

i'm just curious
you will someday
boy scout camp
i am naked.
watch the 1992 MTV pearl jam jeremy video on youtube
watch the 1992 MTV pearl jam jeremy video on youtube